Preparing To Bring Your Aussiedoodle Puppy Home

Purchasing an Aussiedoodle puppy is an exciting step. These crossbreed dogs are so smart, playful, and adorable. However, like most puppies, Aussiedoodle puppies do require a lot of training and attention when they are young. You can simplify the coming weeks or months by preparing for your Aussiedoodle puppy before you bring them home. Here are a few key ways to do that. Fence in your yard — or part of your yard. [Read More]

Adding A Havanese Puppy To The Family? How To Prepare For The Homecoming

If you've decided to add a Havanese puppy to the family, now's the time to prepare. Your Havanese puppy will need lots of tender loving care once you bring them home. After all, coming into a new environment requires a lot of adjustment. That's where your preparation comes into the picture. The steps you take during the initial stages will help your puppy adjust to its new life. They will also help make training easier. [Read More]

Things To Know About Grooming Short Haired Dogs

If you are looking for a dog, and don't want to think too much about pet grooming, you might think a short-haired dog is a better option than a long-haired one. However, even short-haired dogs require some grooming. If you plan to get a short haired dog, here are some things you should know about grooming them. Know How Often to Brush a Short Haired Dog Short-haired dogs are also called short-coated or smooth-coated dogs. [Read More]

How To Make Your Bar More Dog-Friendly

Across the country, more and more bars are opening their doors not only to human patrons but also to their canine companions. However, allowing dogs in your bar requires a little more than just posting a sign that says "dogs allowed." If you want to start welcoming these 4-legged, furry creatures alongside their owners, then here are some steps you'll want to take to make the bar more dog-friendly. Invest in some dog bowls for water. [Read More]