How to Be a Better Pet Owner

Things To Know About Grooming Short Haired Dogs

If you are looking for a dog, and don't want to think too much about pet grooming, you might think a short-haired dog is a better option than a long-haired one. However, even short-haired dogs require some grooming. If you plan to get a short haired dog, here are some things you should know about grooming them.

Know How Often to Brush a Short Haired Dog

Short-haired dogs are also called short-coated or smooth-coated dogs. Dogs with a short or smooth coat has hair that lies close to its body. There are many breeds of dogs that fall into this category. Some examples of short-haired dogs include beagles, Boston terriers, Dalmatians, greyhounds, and pugs.

Dogs like the German shepherd and corgis, aren't as smooth-coated as the above short-haired breeds, they are still considered short-haired dogs.

Even though short-haired dogs don't have as nearly as much fur as long-haired dogs, their coats should still get brushed on a regular basis. Since most short-haired dogs shed and their fur can become matted, it's important to brush them at least once every few weeks.

If your dog has short fur, but it's more dense, you may want to brush their coats more often. Along with decreasing how much your dog sheds, brushing your short-haired dog helps remove dirt and pollen from their coats. If you or anyone else in the home is allergic to dust or pollen, you may want to brush your short-haired dog more often.

Know When To Bathe Short Haired Dogs

Pet grooming also involves bathing your dog and keeping their coat nice and clean. Besides removing dirt and odors, bathing helps give short-haired dogs a softer coat, reduces shedding, and gets rid of pet dander, which can increase allergy symptoms. Most short-haired breeds can get by with being bathed just once every few months. However, some short-haired dogs, like the basset hound and cocker spaniel have oilier skin than other breeds. Because of this, you may need to bathe them more frequently.

When you bathe your short-haired dog, be sure to use warm water and a shampoo that's made for dogs. If your dog has skin problems, your veterinarian may recommend bathing them with a medicated shampoo. You should always brush your dog before you bathe them in order to smooth out matted fur. Matted fur retains water, which can cause your dog's skin to become irritated. Never use a human hair dryer on your short-haired dog, as it could be too hot for their skin. Instead, let your dog air-dry or get a dryer especially made for dogs. If you don't want to bathe your dog at home, you can take them to a pet grooming service in your area.