How to Be a Better Pet Owner

Preparing To Bring Your Aussiedoodle Puppy Home

Purchasing an Aussiedoodle puppy is an exciting step. These crossbreed dogs are so smart, playful, and adorable. However, like most puppies, Aussiedoodle puppies do require a lot of training and attention when they are young. You can simplify the coming weeks or months by preparing for your Aussiedoodle puppy before you bring them home. Here are a few key ways to do that.

Fence in your yard — or part of your yard.

Aussiedoodles are really active, energetic puppies. This comes from the Australian shepherd side of their heritage. If they get a lot of exercise, they will be better behaved inside the house and more attentive during training. So, before you bring your Aussiedoodle puppy home, make sure you have a place for them to run and play independently. If fencing in your yard is not an option, there are some portable dog fences, similar to playpens, that you can set up and use for a few months.

Buy some durable chew toys.

Poodles are known to be chewers, and Aussiedoodles often inherit this trait. The chewing tends to be the worst when they are in the puppy stage. If you don't want your Aussiedoodle to chew your furniture and shoes, then invest in some puppy-size chew toys before you even bring the pup home. As soon as they are home, give them one of the chew toys. They will come to think of this toy as one of their personal possessions and should latch onto it, making them less likely to chew other things.

Find a groomer, and make an appointment.

Aussiedoodles really should go to the groomer regularly in order to keep their long, curly coats trimmed and clean. You want to start taking your puppy to the groomer early so they get used to the routine. Since many of the best groomers have long waiting lists, it's a good idea to call and make an appointment with one before you even bring your puppy home. Set it up for two or three months down the road, at which point your puppy will be the perfect age for a first visit to the groomer.

Bringing home an Aussiedoodle puppy can be life-changing. You will surely enjoy having a little bundle of fluff to play with. Just make sure you follow the tips above to prepare so that your first months with your Aussiedoodle pup go more smoothly.