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Why AKC Registration Is Important When Buying A GSD Puppy

If you want to add a German Shepherd puppy to your family, it's a good idea to consider a few different breeders and what they have to offer. To some degree, which dog is best is a matter of opinion. You may prefer one GSD body style while someone else prefers another, for example. But one thing you should check for, regardless of your preferences, is that the puppies are AKC registered. Here are a few reasons why it's so important, both for GSDs and for puppies in general.

It verifies that the puppy's parents were AKC German shepherds

A GSD puppy can only be registered with the AKC if both parents were registered as GSDs. If the breeder does not register the puppies, you have to take their word for it that the puppy is a full-bred GSD. It's hard to tell when a pup is young whether it's truly a purebred GSD or if it has another breed, like husky or lab, somewhere in its background. While there is nothing explicitly wrong with buying a dog with mixed breeding, if you're buying a puppy as a purebred GSD, you want it to be a purebred GSD, and the AKC registration ensures that's the case.

It helps preserve the breed

The German Shepherd is a breed with a long, rich heritage. If you love the breed, you probably want to see it continue. The AKC is dedicated to that goal, which is why they maintain registration and bloodlines on various breeds, including the GSD. By buying a registered dog, you're supporting those efforts. Generations of future GSD owners will be grateful for your contribution to preserving the bloodline.

You can show off the dog

To show a dog, it typically needs to be registered with the AKC. And with a German Shepherd, there are lots of opportunities for shows and other events. Even if you don't want to go to the typical dog show, you may want to compete with your dog in agility classes, disc competitions, search and rescue drills, or some other sport. Buying a registered dog leaves this door open. If you do decide you want to compete one day, you'll be glad your GSD qualifies.

AKC registration is important for GSDs, not just because of your own puppy, but for the preservation of the breed, in general. So, as you search for the perfect GSD pup, be sure to prioritize breeders who register their furry friends. For more information, reach out to a local service, such as German Shepherds of the Ozarks.