Things To Know About Grooming Short Haired Dogs

If you are looking for a dog, and don't want to think too much about pet grooming, you might think a short-haired dog is a better option than a long-haired one. However, even short-haired dogs require some grooming. If you plan to get a short haired dog, here are some things you should know about grooming them. Know How Often to Brush a Short Haired Dog Short-haired dogs are also called short-coated or smooth-coated dogs.

How To Make Your Bar More Dog-Friendly

Across the country, more and more bars are opening their doors not only to human patrons but also to their canine companions. However, allowing dogs in your bar requires a little more than just posting a sign that says "dogs allowed." If you want to start welcoming these 4-legged, furry creatures alongside their owners, then here are some steps you'll want to take to make the bar more dog-friendly. Invest in some dog bowls for water.