How to Be a Better Pet Owner

How To Make Your Bar More Dog-Friendly

Across the country, more and more bars are opening their doors not only to human patrons but also to their canine companions. However, allowing dogs in your bar requires a little more than just posting a sign that says "dogs allowed." If you want to start welcoming these 4-legged, furry creatures alongside their owners, then here are some steps you'll want to take to make the bar more dog-friendly.

Invest in some dog bowls for water.

Some dog owners will come prepared with water bowls for their pets, but some won't. You will therefore want to have at least a couple of water bowls on-hand so that the bartenders can offer dogs a drink as they come in. Metal bowls work best. They won't crack or break, and you can sanitize them in hot water between patrons to make sure you're not spreading germs. You will, however, want to have your dishwasher wash them separately from the "human" dishes, just to be as sanitary as possible.

Mount some leash holders.

Holding onto a dog leash while you pay a bar tab, drink your own drink, or go to the restroom can be hard! You don't want your customers struggling or accidentally letting their dogs loose while they do this. So, mount a few leash holders at the base of the bar. These are basic pieces of metal hardware that the dog's handler can loop a leash around. You can buy them at some pet stores and some hardware stores. 

Make some rules.

Most dogs that people bring to the bar will be friendly and cute. However, there may be the occasional dog guest who is not as pleasant. As such, you will want to have some rules as to which dogs are allowed. You may, for example, want to exclude all aggressive dogs. If a dog snarls at someone, your bartenders should ask the owner to leave. You will also want to require that all dogs who visit are vaccinated. Come up with your own list of rules and post them on the door so all visitors are aware of them.

Buy some dog treats.

Fill a jar up with dog treats, and set it on the bar next to a tip jar. The bartenders can pass treats out occasionally, and you can also let visitors help themselves. Dog owners will appreciate that you're offering a little something special for your canine guest to enjoy while they enjoy their drinks.

Dogs can add another layer of enjoyment to a bar. Allowing them inside will really delight pet owners, especially if you take the extra steps above to prepare. Contact a dog-friendly bar like PG & J's Dog Bar to get more ideas.