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Is A Cairn Terrier Puppy Right For You?

If you are currently thinking about getting a new puppy to add to your family, you may be wondering what breed of dog would be right for you. One breed you might be seriously considering is a cairn terrier. While you may want to dive right in and start looking at cairn terrier puppies for sale, it is a good idea to get to know more about the breed and its key characteristics. Then, you can better determine if you should add a cairn terrier to your household and family. 

Cairn Terriers Generally Weigh Less than 20 Pounds

One of the most important characteristics of any dog you are bringing into your home is its size. Cairn terriers are a small dog breed and generally do not exceed 20 pounds. 

So, if you are looking for a small dog breed but one that isn't too small, a cairn terrier would be good for you and your household. 

Cairn Terriers Are Active Dogs

Cairn terriers are dogs that were originally bred for getting rid of vermin. This means that they were bred to be active and fast. Because of this, you can expect your cairn terrier to be active and to need a good amount of exercise to be happy in your household.

Lots of playtime and walks will be great for a cairn terrier's physical and mental health. If you are looking for a dog to exercise with and to get you out on walks, then this is a fantastic dog breed for you. 

Cairn Terriers Are Intelligent

Cairn terriers are also known to be intelligent dogs. This makes training them easier than training would be with some other dog breeds. It also means that they will be more intuitive about what you and the family need from them at any given time. 

Cairn Terriers Can Be Vocal

When it comes to personality, cairn terriers have a lot of it. And because of this, they can tend to be quite vocal dogs. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your living circumstances. If you live in an apartment, for example, having a vocal dog might be a problem because of complaints from the neighbors. But in a house, a vocal dog could be a great burglar deterrent or alert system that someone is at the door. 

Cairn Terriers Are Friendly

If you want a dog that is affectionate and friendly, then a cairn terrier is a great option for you. These dogs are known to be sweet and child-friendly. So, if you have children or are planning to in the future, a cairn terrier will not be a problem in your household. 

Now that you know more about cairn terriers, you can start looking at the available cairn terrier puppies for sale and bring one home to be a part of your family.