How to Be a Better Pet Owner

Busy Schedule? What You Can Do To Help Your Feline Family Member Through Your Absence

Adding a cat to your family can bring a lot of joy to the household, but it can also complicate things if you're not home often or if you like to travel. If you have a feline friend or are considering adding one to your family, there are options that'll help keep your kitty cared for while not limiting your ability to do the things that you need and/or want to do.

Cat Boarding Services

Rather than your kitty sitting around the house all day wondering when you'll be there to feed and love him, you can him to a cat boarding facility. This is especially beneficial if you're going on overnight, or longer trips, or if your kitty has anxiety issues and cannot be left at home safely.

Each boarding facility will maintain requirements before approving your application for boarding. Your kitty will have to be up-to-date on all vaccinations and some may require that he have current flea and tick treatment of some sort. This could be drops, collar or another method of treatment. This is to protect your cat, as well as the other cats being boarded at the facility.

Automatic Feeding System

If you're not going to be gone overnight, but worry that your kitty will get hungry and grumpy if you're late getting home, you can invest in an automatic feeding system. These systems are usually battery operated or can be plugged into the wall outlet. You set the timer to release a certain amount of food for whenever your kitty is supposed to eat. This will help him maintain his regular eating habits without giving him the opportunity to overeat and cause future health issues.

Friends, Family, and Neighbors

Do you tend to get caught up at work, or get sent on overnight trips with very little notice? Do you have friends, family or neighbors that you can trust to stop in and give your kitty some love, feed him and scoop his litter box for you? Nothing is the same as human companionship. If you can find someone to sit with your kitty for a little bit while you're gone, it will not only help him through your absence, but it will help give you peace of mind knowing that he's getting everything that he needs until you can get back home to him.

Talk with the cat boarding facilities like Cat Care Clinic near you to discuss the requirements and schedule a tour. Then, you can begin creating a plan for what you'll do the next time you're schedule prevents you from being there for your feline friend.