How to Be a Better Pet Owner

Thinking Of Taking Your Canine Companion On Your Next Family Vacation? Here's Why Boarding Might Be Better

If you're like most pet owners, you probably already know that many traditional lodging options offer pet-friendly accommodations, and for this reason, you might be tempted to include your furry friend in the fun on your next family vacation. However, taking a dog along on a vacation sometimes puts an unexpected damper on things even if you're going to be staying in a pet-friendly hotel. Keep in mind that seeing new sights and having new experiences may be fun for you and the family, but your pet may find the experience overwhelming. The following are just three of the many reasons why dog boarding might be a better option than taking your canine companion on a family vacation. 

Your Dog May Need Emergency Veterinary Care

Fewer things are more frustrating than scrambling for a veterinarian in a strange city when your furry friend becomes ill or injured. Even if you do manage to find a local emergency vet clinic, the staff on duty won't know your dog, and therefore won't be able to provide the customized care that the situation may call for. A good local boarding facility can contact your pet's personal vet in these situations so it can quickly get the care it needs.  

 Your Dog May Not Be Allowed to Be Left Alone in Your Hotel Room

The vast majority of pet-friendly hotels have a policy against leaving pets alone in the rooms. This can be inconvenient when you want to go to a restaurant or go sightseeing. You'll probably be able to find a pet-friendly car rental, but leaving your dog in the car while you go into a restaurant, browse art galleries and museums, or go shopping may not be wise — and rental car companies may have their own policies prohibiting this. Keep in mind that vehicle interiors heat up quickly, with interior temperatures skyrocketing to dangerous levels even when the outdoor temperatures are fairly mild.

Your Pet May Get Lost

As mentioned previously, many dogs don't respond favorably to suddenly finding themselves in an unfamiliar environment. Confusion and anxiety may cause your pet to slip away and bolt, which puts it in danger of being injured in traffic or otherwise put in danger. Because it will be in unfamiliar surroundings, your dog probably won't be able to find its way back to your hotel, and even if you've had it microchipped, it will take some time before someone catches it and takes it to a facility with a chip reader. Many people think that they're doing their pet a favor by taking it along on their vacation, but unless you're going camping, a good boarding facility may be a better option.