How to Be a Better Pet Owner

An English Goldendoodle Might Be The Perfect Companion For Your Family

Choosing the right family dog takes careful consideration of your children's ages, the temperament of the dog, the grooming needs of the dog, and how much time you have to play with the dog. One dog breed you may want to consider is an English Goldendoodle. These dogs make excellent family pets. Here are some details to know.

The Dog Is Parts English Golden Retriever And Poodle

English Goldendoodles are part English golden retriever and part poodle. This is different from an American Goldendoodle or a Labradoodle. The English golden retriever has a slightly different appearance, personality, and health problems than an American golden retriever, and a different personality than a Labrador retriever. This makes an English Goldendoodle a good pick from the three similar choices when you want a dog with a good personality and a low risk of health problems. However, the breeder plays an important role because choosing parents with healthy bloodlines and good temperaments has an effect on the puppies.

The Poodle Part Of The Mix Causes Less Shedding

A first generation puppy has one parent that's a poodle and another that's a golden retriever. This puppy can be bred with a poodle or golden retriever when it's older. It's also possible to breed two goldendoodles. The generations are coded so you have an idea of the lineage of the puppy before you buy it. This can hint at whether the puppy you're going to buy will have more poodle or more golden retriever characteristics. You may want to know this information since the poodle part of a goldendoodle is what causes this dog breed to shed less than most dogs.

If you want a dog that doesn't shed constantly, or if you're allergic to dog hair, then a goldendoodle is a good choice for a family pet. However, you'll have to groom your pet frequently to keep the coat beautiful since the dog doesn't shed old hair.

English Goldendoodles Are A Mix Of Smart Breeds

A golden retriever and the poodle are two of the smartest dog breeds, and they also have good personalities and are easy to train. When a golden retriever and poodle are mixed, the result is the best of both breeds. An English Goldendoodle has an appealing shape and wavy hair that gives the dogs the nickname of "Teddy Bear Goldendoodles." These dogs are cute, playful, and patient. This makes them good with kids and a good choice when you have other pets in the house. However, poodles and golden retrievers are active dogs and the goldendoodle puppies pick up this trait. Your new puppy will need lots of attention to keep it active and happy since goldendoodles love to be around their human family and engage with them.