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4 Signs That Lump On Your Pet's Skin Needs Medical Care

It is common for small little bumps to appear on your pet's skin. Not every small bump or lump means you to take your pet to the animal hospital or the veterinary's office. However, there are some bumps that warrant going to the vet to get them checked out.

Sign #1: Fast Growing Bump

If your pet gets a bump, and the bump grows and changes shape quickly, you need to take your pet to the vet to get the bump checked out. If your pet's skin is irritated, the bump may get a little more inflamed over time and then dissipate. However, if the bump on your pet continues to grow over a couple of weeks, that bump is something to be concerned about.

Sign #2: The Growth Keeps Coming Back

If you notice a bump that seems to shrink for a little while, and then seems to come back again, and you notice this process repeating itself overtime, you need to get the bump checked out. Oftentimes, mast cell tumors on pets will first swell up and then shrink. Mast cell tumors swell up and shrink because they contain histamines. Do not squeeze or poke at the bump, just get your pet's vet to check out the bump. If it is a mast cell tumor, your vet will need to surgically remove the lump from your pet.

Sign #3: Multiple Bumps

One bump can be a sign of an ingrown hair or a bug bite. Multiple or numerous bumps along your pet's sing could be signs of either a rash or an allergic reaction. They could also be signs that your pet has a parasitic infection. If your pet is suddenly covered in bumps all over their body, or in one concentrated area, you need to go to a professional right away to figure out what is wrong.

Sign #4 Discharge

Bumps on your pet should not have discharge oozing out of them. If there is discharge oozing out of a bump or lump on your pet's body, that more than likely means your pet has some type of infection that may require antibiotics to treat. Your vet can examine the bump and the discharge and determine what type of intervention your pet needs.

If your pet has a bump that is growing quickly, keeps appearing and disappearing, or has discharge coming out of it, get the bump checked by the vet. If your pet is suddenly covered in multiple bumps, that is something you will want to get checked out as well.

If you have questions or are concerned for your pet, contact a professional such as Animal Care Hospital.