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This Is Why Your Vet Wants Your Cat To Have X-Rays For Vomiting

When it comes to X-rays, most people think that they're just useful for looking at the bones in the body. While this is a useful purpose for them, X-rays can catch other things, too. If your veterinarian is suggesting that your cat should have X-rays because they've been vomiting, this is why.


One of the potential causes for vomiting that an X-ray can detect is a gastrointestinal blockage. This is a problem where something—usually a foreign body, like hair or a rubber band—gets swallowed by your cat. It travels through the intestinal tract until it gets stuck, because it can't be digested by your cat's body. Once it's stuck, it can prevent other things like food from passing through, which can make your cat feel sick enough to throw up.

An X-ray will help your veterinarian rule out a foreign body, or if there is one, figure out where it is so that it can be removed. 


It's scary to think about, but tumors can be responsible for a cat vomiting, especially if they form somewhere in the intestines or esophagus.

Not all tumors are cancerous, but in any case, detecting a tumor early on is a good way of ensuring that your pet doesn't get sicker. The sooner it's removed, the better. X-rays can help veterinarians find tumors for this very purpose.


Lastly, inflammation is often the sole cause of vomiting, and X-rays can detect this, too. This is possible because inflammation causes swelling in the intestines, which makes them appear enlarged on an X-ray.

When inflammation is to blame, there are a couple of potential causes for it. The simplest one is that your cat could just have a gastrointestinal illness that's causing temporary inflammation. Alternatively, they may have a condition like pancreatitis, which also causes inflammation in the intestines. An X-ray won't tell your vet which of these problems is behind it, but it's just one diagnostic tool available to your veterinarian. If inflammation is found, they'll look to find the cause through an ultrasound or other means.

Some pet parents overlook it when their cats throw up, but this is the wrong decision to make. Taking care of your kitty after they vomit is essential to ensuring that they stay healthy and that any problems going on are detected as quickly as possible. In short, if your veterinarian wants to use X-rays to find out what's wrong with your cat, just say yes. And for more information, visit an animal hospital today.