How to Be a Better Pet Owner

Reptiles Can Be Great Pets For Kids

If your child is asking you for a pet and you think that a reptile would be best, then the next decision will be what kind of reptile. Here is helpful information on various reptiles that make good options for children.

Box turtles – Box turtles can make a good choice of pet for a child. However, you want to make sure you have their living environment all set up for them before you bring one home. You want the enclosure to be all set up with a heat source, a water area that's large enough for them to soak and shallow enough for them to climb in and out of, etc. Educate your child on box turtles, explain that they aren't to be handled a lot, and show your child how to carefully and correctly handle the turtle once you bring it home.

Corn snakes – If your child likes the idea of having a pet snake, then a corn snake would be a great choice. Corn snakes stay relatively small, and they have a calm demeanor when they are used to being carefully handled regularly. You'll want to be sure you have some branches in their enclosure because they love to climb on branches. You'll also want to give it a place where it can hide when it wants. The enclosure must be fail-proof because corn snakes can be escape artists.

Ball python – A ball python is another type of snake that can be good for kids. When handled regularly, ball pythons will become quite tame. While ball pythons may resemble Burmese pythons that can get huge, ball pythons stay relatively small, normally somewhere between three to five feet in length. While they do have enclosure requirements, they are simple compared to many other types of reptiles.

Bearded dragon – If your child would prefer something more like a lizard as a pet, then you may want to show them a bearded dragon. Bearded dragons can make great pets for kids because they actually like to interact with their owners as long as they have been handled regularly and correctly. Bearded dragons also have their own personalities, which adds to the charm they bring. Also, they spend the majority of the day awake and sleep at night, so they will share the same schedule as your child.

Now that you have learned about some great reptile choices as a possible pet for your child, you can decide on one with them. No matter which pet they get, be sure that they know all about its proper care and how to handle it safely. A company like Snakes at Sunset can provide tips for your reptile care.