How to Be a Better Pet Owner

Should You Board Your Dog?

If you are going to be away from home for a while, then you should consider whether keeping your dog at a boarding facility is better than keeping them home and having someone check in on them. Here is some information to make your decision a bit easier.

Your dog won't be so anxious

If you have a dog who gets anxious when you are gone, then being at a boarding facility may be easier on them. While they may be anxious at first when they are at the boarding facility, it won't take long for the staff to help your dog feel right at home. Being at the facility where they will be watched over, get attention, and be fed and watered will be better for them. When you have someone come in and check on them at your house, they will be alone for the rest of the time when that person leaves. Also, if they end up making a mistake like accidentally spilling their bowl of water, no one will be there to check on them until the next day.

When your dog is anxious and home alone, they can get into all kinds of trouble. Any dog can get anxious after being left alone for a long period of time and tear up the house. They may dig up the carpet, tear holes in the doors, and rip up the furniture. Therefore, boarding your dog can even save your home and furniture from extensive damages.

Your dog can have a great time

If your dog likes to be around other dogs, then putting them in a boarding facility can be a lot of fun for them. While you are out of town, your dog will be taking a vacation of their own. As long as they show no aggression toward the other dogs, then they will be given time to play in the play yard with other friendly dogs.

You won't spend time worrying about your dog

If you left your dog at home by itself, then you can end up spending a lot of your time worrying about the dog. You may wonder if the dog is overly anxious, if it has destroyed anything in your home, if it has enough food and water, if it has gone to the bathroom in the house, if it has been injured with no one there to tend to its wound, etc. When your dog is boarded, you know they are safe and sound.

Locate a pet boarding service in your area for more information.